Migdal Sponsors Visit Camps

Mr. and Mrs. Shlomo and Mindy Torn of the Migdal Foundation, sponsors of Camp Migdal, flew in from New York to visit the sleep-away camp in Kfar Saba and the Day Camp in Ashdod. The Torns were blown away by the incredible devotion they observed. On Tuesday, at Camp Migdal in Kfar Saba, the Torns were given a tour of the camp grounds and had a special reception with Health Minister Yaakov Litzman, who elaborated on the essence of Project Refuah, from his perspective as Health Minister.
Mr. and Mrs. Torn watched with amazement as the volunteers ran with heavy wheelchairs in the hot sun so that their charges don’t miss out on a moment of fun. After partaking in a magic show, the Torns distributed a gift to every child – an electric remote control car! The excitement was evident in the children’s shining eyes as they were handed the wrapped gift. Even the nonverbal children rewarded the Torns with a smile upon receiving the gift. The warmth and love in the air was electrifying. The visit ended aptly with lively singing and dancing, as Mr. and Mrs. Torn were escorted out.
On Wednesday, the Torns visited the day camp in Ashdod and had a wonderful time participating in various activities together with the girls. The girls unabashedly expressed their appreciation to the visitors by embracing Mrs. Torn with hugs and kisses. Visibly emotional, Mrs. Torn remarked at the end of the visit, “It truly feels like ‘One Big Special Family’ and I feel lucky to be part of it.”

Project Refuah