Flatbush Kumzitz to Benefit Project Refuah

The tables are beautifully laid, the buffet a sight to satisfy even the most discriminating food connoisseur.  An air of palpable excitement permeates the rooms.  It’s not just that all are awaiting the arrival of a guest star and soul stirring entertainment.  It’s the joy of friends gathering together for an evening of camaraderie and music – for a vital cause.

This past Wednesday, August 23, Breindi and Eli Amsterdam opened their home for a kumtzitz starring Benny Friedman, for the benefit of Project Refuah.  Project Refuah is an incredible organization that provides respite for families, offering them a safe and happy place to send their disabled children while parents and siblings recharge and refresh.  The children are thrilled to attend Project Refuah’s camps and getaways, where they are infused with fun and cared for devotedly by a dedicated team of volunteers.  The families can then welcome their children home with renewed energy.

The evening opened with words of greeting from Mr. Shlomo Werdiger, founder of Project Refuah.  Poignantly, he described the respite camps to his audience, many of whom were not previously familiar with the great cause.  Camp Werdiger’s costs have increased manifold since it was established, due to tremendous need.  Thousands of children have been served, and the numbers continue to rise.

Mr. Werdiger’s introduction was followed by two hours of beautiful singing provided by Benny Friedman, who quickly had his audience singing and dancing along with him.  Spirits were high as the evening reluctantly drew to a close.  But while the kumtzitz was over, Project Refuah’s essential work continues, with dedicated volunteers who give freely of their time and efforts.


Project Refuah