Boys’ Shabbaton

82 families enjoyed a restful Shabbos as their special children were taken to a Shabbos Retreat at the Kiryat Tivon Youth Village. As usual, the children enjoyed fun activities, singing and dancing and loads of attention from their personal counselors. Meanwhile, their families had a relaxing and rejuvenating Shabbos, enjoying the respite from caring for their child with special needs. Many of the counselors, especially those whose charges cannot speak, wrote notes to the parents describing what went on during Shabbos.
In one thank you letter, a parent wrote: “I don’t know exactly what went on during Shabbos, but Nati came home immaculate, his peyos curled, his demeanor was extremely calm. The suitcase was packed very neatly, and hidden inside was a heartwarming note from his counselor, describing how Nati enjoyed the Shabbos and even complimenting me on his good manners. ‘He is a gentle soul, and you can tell he’s well raised.’ The note is one example of you people go way beyond your call of duty…”

Project Refuah