Bar Mitzvah Ceremony

A moving Bar Mitzvah ceremony was held for Yudi, a boy with Autism. Yudi is a twin to a healthy brother, so his Bar Mitzvah party was doubly emotional. During the seudah, Yudi’s twin Aaron read aloud a poem in which he expressed appreciation to his parents in his brother’s name (as Yudi is unable to speak)and presented his parents with a gift.
The Bar Mitzvah was an elegant affair replete with live music and a photographer. With tears in her eyes, Yudi’s mother remarked, “I never planned to make a Bar Mitzvah celebration for Yudi.

Of course, we’re making one for his twin Aaron but Yudi? He’s not obligated to perform mitzvos, so we didn’t think we’re going to have a party for him. Who would have dreamed we would have such a stunning affair for him?”
Yudi is a beloved member of the Project Refuah family, so who should celebrate his Bar Mitzvah if not us?!

Project Refuah